Hi ! i'm Josh

I’ve been in the marketing industry for +8 years. I have maintained a lifetime ROAS of 25X for my customers on advertising.

I have a diverse background from software, design, analytics, and digital marketing.

digital Marketer


a bit about me

I grew up learning that that most difficult problems are the most interesting and exciting to solve. This passion to solve the impossible drove me first to computer science and coding to solve problems through rational and physical products. Overtime I learned that you can solve many problems easier through psycology and marketing. After making the switch I had the opportunity to travel the world and combine my analytics and creative minds to develop life changing campaigns for clients and employers around the world.

learn more about me
learn more about me
animal lover - animal lover - animal lover - animal lover
pixel pusher - pixel pusher  - pixel pusher - pixel pusher
born & raised in New Mexico- Schooled & Learned in COlorado - Refined in Oregon
8 yrs of XP. In mARKETING - 8 yrs of XP. In MARKETING - 8 yrs of XP. In MARKETING
+20 countries visted - +20 countries visted - +20 countries visted -
+ 100 satisfied clients - + 100 satisfied clients